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28 Tastes & Taps Reviews Minot ND

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City: Minot ND

Reviews of 28 Tastes & Taps Minot ND

Nicholas Mast

Kendra was amazing as a server! Thanks Chefs for the food! So the poutine fries are amazing! Crispy, even with like the gravy, and of course adding the brisket makes it a delight. Got to try the brisket sandwich next time. Meat+Potatoes= Heaven. Also tried the Philly and Waffle Fries. Love the Waffle Fries. Location: behind the Sonic...slightly hidden but low key always an awesome atmosphere. I'll be back here. The Philly is cheesy. Toasted on the inside, soft touch on the outside. Plenty of meat and cheese. Very little peppers and onions. Wish it had some spice but I am use to having spicy philly

Danny Boully

A nice place to go for our date night. The food we tried was good to great and we look forward to trying other menu options. The service was good and the food came out in a reasonable time.

Linda Garrett

We were seated quickly, orders taken fast. Only one waitress but she did a fabulous job keeping up with all the tables. There was a young guy "working " there, not quite sure what his purpose was except to stand around, maybe he was in training. Orders came out quickly, good portions. Burger was a bit dry but had lots of flavor, three dollars for a glass of pop was a bit outrages, especially when my husband's beer was fifty cents cheaper, overall not bad pricing for the food.

Jonathan Suarez

Friendly staff, and awesome food. The Waffle fries were some of the best I’ve ever had. Just moved here from California and will be back soon!

Wayne Russell

Ordered the Mac and Cheese dog. Came with box mac and cheese and a stale tasting bun. The waffle fries were delicious. Jalapeño poppers were about average. Half a jalapeño generous amounts of cream cheese and breading.



1603 35th Ave SW, Minot, ND 58701, United States