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3 Countries Pizzeria Reviews New Castle DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.5 with 136 reviews about 3 Countries Pizzeria

Reviews of 3 Countries Pizzeria New Castle DE

Nicole Bempong

Just ordered delivery for a family member. Their exact words the pizza was too greasy, too much cheese not the Signature pizza they wanted with the pepperoni, sausage,mushroom,olives, green peppers and onions. The garlic bread was terrible but edible. The people that made the pizza and garlic bread didn't even care about following directions!! I am glad I know what great pizza is, and I am afraid it's not in these Delaware pizzerias. The quality of the pizza was horrible!! The lady on the phone tried to be smart with me while I was ordering. Well the pizza wasn't for me so her being rude didn't phase me. I myself will not be coming here or ordering any of their pizzas ever again!! Even pizzerias in Philadelphia make better quality pizza and they are friendly to the customers. Your first impression is your best impression and unfortunately I was not impressed.

Marcus Moore

I moved out here from north Jersey, 20 minutes from NYC where pizza is king. This spot is holding its own, great food, exceptional service in a small, mom and pop type environment. There are a few spots in Delaware that's winning as far as pizza joints, but 3 countries is the best around here, hands down.

Jiba Shabazz

This place has great pizza and cheese steaks I used to order from here twice a week and would spend $40 or more every time the male chef in the back would always be polite and greet me the beautiful female cashier/waitress was always polite and friendly And I looked forward to seeing her there when I went because the older lady who would sometimes take the food orders and operate register was not like everyone else who worked there she wasn’t really polite she overcharged me several times I once ordered a pizza special and she was trying to tell me I couldn’t pay to add a topping on my pizza’s took like three minutes for her brain to register how silly she was sounding she was having like a power trip and wanted me to know she was the one calling the shots. In my opinion she shouldn’t be at the register I believe she’s a good person at heart she’s just not the best fit for the register and no disrespect but she doesn’t know how to properly count The food here is great! The cheesesteaks here are the best in Delaware super underrated!! Mango habanero wings are delicious as well.

terri szymborski

We're new to this state and saw all the great reviews & decided to order from 3 countries the pizza was excellent & the stromboli was great also will definitely be ordering from them often.

Matthew Cannon

Total hidden gem! The food is absolutely amazing, and all the employees there are extremely nice and friendly. They obviously care about their business and customers and it shows. The pizza is the absolute best around, and the tacos cannot be matched.



202 E 6th St, New Castle, DE 19720, United States