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426 Caribbean Cuisine Reviews Kent Acres DE

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Reviews of 426 Caribbean Cuisine Kent Acres DE

Althia R

I LOVE their legume. I'm from Brooklyn, where I used to get legume all the time. Moving to Delaware, it was kinda hard to get Haitian food. So I was so happy to find this restaurant. I come here every week. If you get a chance, stop by. You won't regret it.

Michael Press

Love this place! Amazing food and super friendly service! One of the best places to eat in Dover. I've had the Legume, the Fried Turkey, and the Fried Pork...all were very delicious! And the tangy pickle slaw that comes with each dish is very addictive.

Donita Deepree

I get so excited about eating here. The food is always so satisfying. I love love love the goat and I could put the picklies on a 2x4 and chow down. It's that yummy. I definitely recommend you stop in to this hidden gem if you enjoy Haitian food.

Next Level

I been in Dover Delaware now since January 2021and still haven’t found a restaurant as good as this. The food is addictive and the people there are professionals. If your in Dover Delaware stop by and get you some grub, just make sure to not get to addicted because you may find this place to be your new home.

C Hall

Just tried it for the first time today. The food was flavorless, She told me the chicken was the specialty. A huge portion of rice and beans which again was bland, as were the plantains. Lettuce and tomatoes with no dressing. Asked for some mango habenero sauce as the chicken looked bland but she said there was none. I thought it would be amazing as Caribbean cuisine is my favorite due to all the spices and flavors. I actually cook Caribbean food so I know when it's great.. If this is the best dish I won't recommend and won't be back.



1040 S State St, Dover, DE 19901, United States