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49th State Brewing - Anchorage Reviews Anchorage AK

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.5 with 5343 reviews about 49th State Brewing - Anchorage

Reviews of 49th State Brewing - Anchorage Anchorage AK

Travis Patten

I eat at this restaurant every couple months when I travel to Anchorage for work and normally I love eating there. I stopped by the restaurant last week and that was absolutely not my experience. I sat upstairs at lunchtime because it was quiet and I knew I could work on my laptop for a few minutes while I was waiting for food and originally, there was a lady upstairs waiting on me who was absolutely awesome! Then she let me know that they were moving her downstairs so that she would have more than one table and someone would be by shortly to take my order. Then a gentleman in a ponytail who I believe is the assistant manager comes over and chooses to take the position that I need to get rid of the Mountain Dew Pop can I had brought in from my car outside and no outside beverages are allowed. It was one can of Mountain Dew that I had brought in with me and he decided to take the position that I needed to Get rid of it. The lady that had been waiting on me originally had absolutely no issues with it. In fact, we struck up a conversation about it because she said she was a Pepsi girl and absolutely loved her Pepsi. I told the gentleman I did not appreciate the position he was taking and I would just eat somewhere else for lunch. I stopped by the host stand on my way out and left my phone number with a request for the general manager to give me a call. Of course, I never heard from him or anyone else. I am in Anchorage every 4 to 8 weeks for a week and there are a heck of a lot of places that I can choose to spend my money while I am there. I was not impressed this time.

Emily Staples

We always enjoy eating here, and especially bringing family here when they're in town. We went tonight to use my birthday coupon (awesome!) and had a great time. We only waited about 30 minutes for a table, and our server Kelsey was so wonderful! The food was great as always. We really liked the pretzel, and the seafood chowder and steak salad are some favorites.

Christi Foist

Plenty of take-out beer options and outdoor seating. Really liked the bittersweet chocolate porter I tried. Waits can be long for a table, but we've consistently enjoyed their pizza and they hosted a great German-style Christmas market in December 2020 that closely approximated those in Europe. They also have great periodic specials, like a pizza-party pack that came with a mini growler of beer for only $5 more than a large pizza alone (price in early 2021)! When you sign up for their birthday club, you get a coupon that, in July 2021, was good for $25 off a $50 meal -- for which alcohol was eligible. They also seem to treat their staff well; an off-duty waitress I meet said she liked it far better than other employers in the food service industry.

Priyank Shah

From their beers to their salads, they're a champion in all.

Nicole Bershinsky

49th State Brewing-Anchorage is hands down our favorite place in Anchorage! My husband and I go there often and love it every time. Last night I went with a large group of 10 at busy dinner time. We had Laurena as our server and she was amazing. She was so great to us! Our food came out fast, all 10 at the same time, and still hot! And the food was delicious as usual. This place never disappoints.



717 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States