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Acoustic Cafe Menomonie Reviews Menomonie WI

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.5 with 444 reviews about Acoustic Cafe Menomonie

Reviews of Acoustic Cafe Menomonie Menomonie WI

Edgar Rodriguez-Landaverde

Food was damn near 5 stars, fresh and delicious. However the customer service makes it hard to come back. A lot of the workers seemed nice and were respectful, but either the manager or whoever that lady is that’s always there is awful to the customers. Every time I’ve been in there she’s made the experience uncomfortable and unwelcoming. It’s unfortunate everything else about this place is 5 stars, she needs to quit or get a job she enjoys because she’s driving away customers. I’m not the only one who has said this either.

Elaine Abdalla

Alright, so I heard SO much about this place when I moved to Menomonie and I was excited to try it out. I used to own a coffee shop, so I was most interested in the espresso drinks. I told the guy at the register that I wanted I White Mocha, which is one of the most common drinks at any coffee shop. He looked at me, then at the menu in front of me, and said "Do we have that on the menu?" I laughed, found it on the menu and realized that it was worded as a "White Chocolate Mocha" instead of White Mocha. In my opinion, someone working at a place like this should know what a White Mocha is, but let's forget about it. I also ordered a Carrot Cake Muffin and a slice of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. Both of those were really, really delicious! I would definitely go back for their baked goods. On the other hand? The White Mocha I got was terrible. It was extremely watery, which a latte/mocha should never be, and it was so bitter that I couldn't even drink it. Let me say this, I NEVER throw out a coffee. Even if it's not perfect, I'll still drink it. But this one? I just couldn't make myself drink such a bitter, watery thing when what I was craving was a creamy, sweet White Mocha. I haven't tried their other menu items, but I will one day since I've heard their sandwiches are really good. And I know I'll have to try the coffee again just in case it was a fluke. But man, I'm scared to order another coffee there!! Until I try the coffee again, I'd recommend you go to The Blind Munchies or Golden Leaf Café if you need a good espresso drink!

Jason Neuhaus

Great food. Amazing ambience. Cute shop. Wonderful staff. And Donkey Kong! I will be back!

Grace Wilsmann

One of me and my husband's fav spot in town to eat and have a good time! Acoustic has fantastic hoagies (must get everything on it, that's the way to go) and they usually have chill live music in the evenings. Their food is well priced for what you get, worth it! Also the atmosphere is warm an casual, great place for a casual date with a boo or a place to hangout with a bunch of friends. I really enjoy doing homework here, it is a nice atmosphere and they have outlets right by most of their tables! Great for laptop work!

Maddy Gaiman

Love the hoagies and vibe at Acoustic. I live out of town and it’s always my first stop in Menomonie. I always get a turkey hoagie with everything on it and it’s bomb. The chili is also amazing. Love the owners and staff — definitely a must visit in Menomonie!



102 Main St W, Menomonie, WI 54751, United States