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Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant Reviews Carrboro NC

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.6 with 520 reviews about Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant

Reviews of Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant Carrboro NC


Akai Hana has very good sushi. Not Michelin star but far better than the types of pan-Asian cuisine places that have 2 rolls for the price of 1 type specials. However, for the price paid, the service is a little impersonal. Now, it’s a tough market to hire help, I get it. But the waitress just didn’t feel like being there. I know people are busy and I don’t expected to be coddled. Issues: 1) got an extra roll that I didn’t order (and of course got charged for it) 2) one of the dishes had the same element as an appetizer. An attentive waitress would have pointed that out. 3) didn’t come around to see if we’re done, need a box, if we are ready for the cheque. 4) didn’t check if we needed more water or drinks. Love this place for expensive take-out but dine-in experience was lackluster.

Wolcott Blair

Very good sushi. I really didn't fully test the kitchen. I had 6 pieces of tuna sushi. It was very fresh. The rice held together very well. Flavor and texture were outstanding. I also had a California roll and it was excellent as well.

Jordan Smith

I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like seaweed, and I still had a fantastic lunch here. I and one other member of our group had a sushi burrito, they were really tasty! I had the mt. Fuji and it was delicious, I will definitely be coming back. The appetizers and mochi ice cream were also good.

Rik Faith

As always, the food was wonderful. And they still have outdoor seating (with gas heaters) even in the cold weather.

Marta Avery

An excellent Asian restaurant with great service a little on the cold side so if you are a cold natured person make sure you that you were a sweater or jacket



206 W Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510, United States