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Ale Works Reviews Bismarck ND

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Reviews of Ale Works Bismarck ND

Josh Stevens

Hands down the worst food and management I've ever had/experienced anywhere. The manager informed us though that the food is great, we just don't understand how it's supposed to taste..... I've waited months sitting on writing this review, because in the end the 20 year old hostess did more to correct this situation than anyone. Hopefully a better restaurant snatches her up, because she was the only thing that made me give this place an ounce of respect.

Sandra Bauer

I was so happy to go out to dinner for Mother's Day, and we did so Friday night before to avoid the crowd. We were promptly seated and the waiter was also very prompt and attentive. The food, however, was far too salty. So salty, in fact, that I didn't feel well later. I had the walleye and it came with a lemon wedge that was even loaded with salt and pepper.

Valerie Olson

Me and my husband were passing through town and figured we would try a new restaurant we hadn’t been to. Upon arrival we were seated right away with no wait. I noticed right away that the table was sticky, and was hoping that wouldn’t be a sign for how our experience went. Sadly it went downhill fast. We ordered our drinks and food at the same time. My husband was brought out part of his order first. By the time he was half done we still had no drinks. When he was finished, we still had no drinks. We then noticed that a couple who came in after us got their drinks right away. We asked the hostess, cause our waiter wasn’t around, if we could get our drinks. We had been waiting for at least 20 minutes. She politely checked on them and promptly came back and said that our waiter had gotten them mixed up with the table next to us, even though the table next to us had their drinks before we arrived, so not sure how that makes sense. My food was good, and the McDonald style French fries 🧐 the waiter checked on us once after that, and the hostess was the one who was clearing our plates as we were done, and also got us a refill on our drinks, which our waiter never did. We ended up tipping the hostess since she did all the work. We won’t be coming back, and we will enjoy the local Taco Bell the next time we’re in the area, which we contemplated going to this time before coming to this restaurant. Should have gone to Taco Bell.

Nathan Brown

I'm giving it a 3 because it was a beautiful space and I didn't actually eat the food. I wanted too though and this was the second or third attempt for us to eat here, there was always a decent wait. When we arrived and after a short wait we were seated and presented with the menu. We left after viewing the menu that had 3 entrees with a bunch of sandwiches. I wanted a steak and they didn't offer one. The menu doesn't match their website as well. I may try again down the road because I like beer l and I didn't get to drink any there.

Chad Olson

Food: C We thought we would pay this place a visit as we were traveling through. Good presentation and overall taste, although my salad was a little sour. Not sure if it was the lettuce or what. I had a hair in my salad and something that looked like maybe a piece of a nut in my soup. Service: D- The only thing that saved them from getting an F was the awesome blonde hostess who got us drink refills and took our empty plates while our waiter was MIA. We were almost completely ignored and after twenty minutes finally asked the hostess if we could get our drinks, who promptly told our waiter. I honestly don’t remember the last time I did not tip a waiter/waitress, because I like to reward good service, but it happened today. The hostess did a great job and was the only one who got a tip. On a side note, the table we were eating on was very sticky. All in all I probably won’t be back.



1100 Canada Ave, Bismarck, ND 58503, United States