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Amado Jr's Reviews Watertown WI

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.7 with 183 reviews about Amado Jr's

Reviews of Amado Jr's Watertown WI

nikki l

Margaritas are on point, so good. Everything I've tried on the menu has been Amazing!!! Spanish cod, chicken burrito, jalapeno mozzarella sticks are excellent. Highly recommend eating here

Wendy Ward Sellers

Excellent food, every time. Friendly staff, locally owned and welcoming in every way. Love their soup specials!

Sarah P

I don't care how good the food is if the people working there are rude. I was attending the 4th of July parade and my 4 yr old and I were sitting on the stoop near their door. Me sitting in front of a brick wall and her on my right, by an apartment door. We were not preventing anyone from entering or exiting or blocking their flow of traffic in or out. When we sat, we were told by a lady right away not to block their door, I told her of course, I understand and I made sure we weren't. A minute later an older man came out and was extremely rude, stating we needed to get off the step and move away from their door because it was private property. Totally unnecessary and could've been handled completely different especially in front of my 4 yr old. This is also a packed sidewalk so right after we moved, a large group stood right where we had been and no one said a word to them. We had planned on meeting some friends later on there for a bite to eat but after our experience we definitely won't ever be visiting.

Angel Zache

In my personal opinion. For Watertown area this is the best tasting for Mexican food. I absolutely enjoyed my dinner. My kids also enjoyed there food. It is nice not having to travel 1 hour now to get decent mexican food. The Staff was very friendly and attentive as well. I do not give reviews unless it is a very good experience or very bad. These guys will not disappoint.

R Garcia

Waitresses and waiters were friendly service was great food was fantastic and the company I was with was great.



403 E Main St, Watertown, WI 53094, United States