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Annie Laura's Kitchen Reviews Riverdale UT

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 3754 reviews about Annie Laura's Kitchen

Reviews of Annie Laura's Kitchen Riverdale UT

Miss Ckai19

Great food!! Line was long as h*ll on a Tuesday but I guess that means they're doing something right. Good customer service. Only problem is the limited parking. Will definitely go back!! Update: this place is still really good but they've closed the inside indefinitely so be prepared for a 30-40 min slow crawl in their line. Prices have also went up (from 9.99 to 13.99) but inflation so I guess it's warranted. Overall still a decent choice for good soul food

Lynn Thomas

I ate here for the first time 6/16. The line was literally wrapped around the corner. The wait wasn’t bad at all. You can’t go inside so someone comes to you to take your name and order. The food was good overall. The Mac and cheese was a little bland for my taste but still enjoyable. The portion size was great!I purchased two meals. I’ll definitely go back.

Mr. Marshall

Best Soul Food Restaurant in the Atlanta area.. and it really isn't even close! 💯 There are some other pretty darn good ones, but honestly Annie Laura's has been consistently the champ for at least the past 15 years+ My only caution to newbies is: be prepared for the wait. A lot of the food is cooked to order and they are well known, so the line of cars is pretty much always wrapped around the building. Even before Covid-19 when they had inside service, the line inside and outside would be long. Make sure you are prepared to wait for it before going, but the food does not disappoint.

Whatz Popn

4.5 Stars. Delicious food but the line could be more organized to avoid an one hour wait. One of the young ladies came out to take our orders and she had what looks to be like a credit card machine in her hand. If she would have swiped our card and they started to pass out food in two lines our experience would have been better for the first time. It would have definitely have been 5 stars if the line & wait was not a factor.

Kiara Cinque

My first order was the baked chicken with the Mac & Cheese with the collard greens pork. I think the mac&Cheese was good. They could of put a little bit more of baked chicken on there. I will try again when I get a chance and order something different. It wasn't bad



6814 GA-85, Riverdale, GA 30274, United States