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Anthony's Pizza & Pasta Reviews Riverdale UT

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.2 with 967 reviews about Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

Reviews of Anthony's Pizza & Pasta Riverdale UT

Johnnie E

Being a New Yorker I'm going to be highly critical... It's good pizza. Just not the right amount of crunch on the crust based on my Brooklyn standards of flavor. It's got more of a quilted texture to it... So it folds nice but it doesn't crack and there's no crackle with the bites near the edges. Let the flour rise A bit more, experiment with a lower sodium sauce option and demonstrate a prominent finger stretched crust and I'll stop by with every visit from NY. On another note... Damn good wings... But who in Georgia can't make some wings ?

John Iijima

This place has some of the most authentic Italian I have ever had. It all starts walking in the atmosphere is clean and the decor is wonderful complete with pool tables and arcades. Hot fresh food, some of the best pizza I have ever tasted. The crust is delicious, same with the pastas. The manager Tony does a wonderful job and is very warm and gracious. Was passing through the area but was really happy with the experience and had a wondeful time and dinner. One thing to note is that they close at 9 pm not 10 as it says on Google. However, please support this locally owned family establishment, they are doing a wonderful job and have something special here, you will certainly not be disappointed.


Not only is the kinda close to NY Pizza delicious, but this a good family fun place inside. Me and my young adult kids(19, 21, 21) had a fun experience playing pool and they enjoyed the arcade games too. All while enjoying a great meal, with superb dessert options. Large slices of fruity strawberry juicy cheesecake is my favorite option. But there are so much more other Large sliced dessert options, carrot cake, chocolate cakes, Carmel cheesecakes, etc

Shanie Butler

I wanted some NYC style pizza (this wasn’t it) but it had Its own flare. I didn’t give 5 stars only because it was a bit salty. If you’re not troubled with high blood pressure like myself you’ll be fine.

Alice-Marie Cambridge

Enjoyed our chicken and cheese pizza. It had been a minute since last being there. Still good.



6518 GA-85, Riverdale, GA 30274, United States