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Appanoose Rapids Downtown Ottumwa Reviews Ottumwa IA

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.4 with 430 reviews about Appanoose Rapids Downtown Ottumwa

Reviews of Appanoose Rapids Downtown Ottumwa Ottumwa IA

Danielle Rothgeb

The building and the atmosphere were amazing, only to be outdone by the food. A fantastic, seasonal menu, well-balanced & well-crafted cocktails, and excellent service to complete the evening. I have only heard rave-reviews from locals and it was confirmed with the best experience I’ve had in a long time. A must-try

Jenna Lieu

The food was excellent. Service was really slow, even though they weren't busy. Also, the up charge from mixed greens to iceberg lettuce in salads is wholly unnecessary as iceberg is cheaper. The prices for the food itself is already high. I would have liked to rate this place higher.

Micaela Knapp

We had a work event here and it was an amazing experience. They were very attentive and helpful and the food was down right amazing! 10/10 would recommend. (Make sure you try the lemon drop. It’s fantastic)

Chris Sutton

WOW! If there was an option to have no stars selected, I would. A special young man I know and love, on basically his first date, and on his first high school prom, thought he'd take his date and several other couples to a more upscale dining experience away from their hometown. Waited forever, got their check before their meal. It took so long they had to box up their meals and take it with them as to not be late for their prom. Never even ate. For many young adults, this is their one and only experience with prom. It's supposed to be a positively memorable experience without the concern whether they'll receive a meal within a reasonable amount of time. And to get the check before their meal? Really? And to boot, 2 young ladies had salads! Nice job Appanoose Rapids. Let's blame it on COVID and lack of finding good help.

Chris Downey

The food is very good and rightly portioned. I would call the menu diverse yet streamlined. You can get the kind of food and drink you want without a lot of sorting. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing—no obnoxious soundtrack or televisions to talk over. Staff is attentive but not intrusive. Definitely a place I’d feel comfortable bringing out-of-town guests to.



332 E Main St, Ottumwa, IA 52501, United States