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Applebee's grill + bar Reviews Jamestown ND

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.6 with 813 reviews about Applebee's grill + bar

Reviews of Applebee's grill + bar Jamestown ND

Justin Brazell

The cooks do not and I repeat do not know how to cook a steak but the waitress we had was excellent


Good tasting food. A little to sweet most of the time. (had the whiskey burger)

Craig Penas

Excellent service. Great food. Our server Brooke was awesome.

Kevin Winn

Stood in the lobby for 10 minutes along with a growing crowd of people and nobody acknowledged any of us. Gave up and went across the street and got great service.

Mary Bowder

We haven't eaten at Applebee's in Jamestown in over a year. I remember when it first opened and they had a staff person to hold the door open and welcome you in. Now if your lucky one of the waiters will seat you. I ordered a Amaretto sour to drink and my husband ordered a draft beer. I watched the bartender who was reading from a book on how to make drinks; not even put a full shot of Amaretto in the glass. It took 17 minutes to get our beer and drink after ordering them. That was the absolutely worst drink I have ever had. Our food was good but that place is a disgrace and with the way it's going in Jamestown I'm sure they will close and be bulldozed in the near future like Perkins and the Hong Kong. Not going back there ever again. I really used to enjoy going there with friends after work but that was years ago and now I doubt I could wait that long for a drink or drink it when it came.



611 25th St SW, Jamestown, ND 58401, United States