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Applebee's grill + bar Reviews Devils Lake ND

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.8 with 498 reviews about Applebee's grill + bar

Reviews of Applebee's grill + bar Devils Lake ND

Danielle Fisk

ONLY reason for a 5 star review if for the server Kristian. She was beyond fantastic. The whole time running around seating people, taken orders, running out orders, checking on tables, bussing/cleaning her own tables. All with a big smile on her face, you could tell she was stressed a little but never once let it show in her customer service. Food is always good as per normal. As for the rest of the staff I would give a 2 if that. I’m a manager myself and I found it very inconsiderate to go through tables that your waitress is taking care of all alone and going through with a “white glove” and laying down ketchup bottles on tables that need to be redone. 3 tables she made this girl redo! Seriously? Grab a rag and help her then. I understand cleanliness and we watched this girl completely clean them not long before. Or have your hostess who is sitting in your waiting room staring out a window help or the 4-5 people standing behind the wall. We gave praise to Kristian and she seemed like she doesn’t hear it very often and seemed to get choked up. I notice talent and of course offered her a job right on the spot if she ever came to my neck of the woods. We are all going through a hard time with hiring people, myself included. Recognize your hard working people and give them a pat on the back once in a while, say good job, or what can I help you with? Just because we are managers doesn’t mean we can’t help clean. Kristian if you read this great job again and you are doing fantastic and keep smiling!

Lisa Howard

The service left a bit to be desired. The young men did a great job but the young girl that served the appetizer needs customer service skills. The salad I ordered was served without dressing and the hamburger my husband ordered was quite pink and he was never asked how he wanted his hamburger. It will be a long time before we go back. Good reminder to patronize the local mom and pop shops instead of the chain restaurants!!

Nancy Kluska

I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad which had to much dressing on the poor looking romaine lettuce, wilted, discolored and just about invisible. If there was a cup of lettuce I was lucky. I did lett the waitress know about the to much dressing her response was I'll let him know. Well, I ate around the dressing and picked out the best looking lettuce paid the bill and left. I've eaten at Applebee's on my travels many times this being the first time I was very disappointed in there salad.

Marissa Pewe

Probably won't return after the last couple times. For curbside, missing 4 things including 2 out of 3 drinks. Dined in last week and the waitress was friendly but food was NOT hot and was just meh for flavor. Tables and booth seats weren't clean.

Douglas Davis

Food was really good. Usually I don't eat the vegetables when I get the steak but they had a really good flavor and was cooked well. Also it wasn't too busy so it didn't take long to get served.



509 US-2, Devils Lake, ND 58301, United States