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Applebee's grill + bar Reviews Dyersburg TN

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.5 with 790 reviews about Applebee's grill + bar

Reviews of Applebee's grill + bar Dyersburg TN

Tasha Swain

This place is insanely lousy. Customer service is the absolute worst. I ordered food via door dash. An item was missing. I spoke with the delivery person and they directed me to speak to the manager at the restaurant, Danny. This guy was the most disrespectful, arrogant liar I've spoken too. He claims to have placed the missing item in my bag himself, even tho it wasn't there. After much drama, we contacted Door dash. They were willing to refund the money but had to get merchant information that Danny didn't want to share. He hung up in our faces. His attitude was malignant and unprofessional. My experience with him will continue with more calls until this matter is resolved

Erica Adamson

We hadn't been to an Applebee's in years!! We decided to stop here since their local, out of this world, Grecian Steakhouse wasn't open, we waited for nearly 10 minutes just for the hostess to seat us and 2 other parties. The place had maybe 4 tables already sat and eating. They were only cooking with the fried side of their kitchen and out of several menu items you could order from the fried side of the kitchen. We left, I feel, if I am going to pay $10-$14 for a burger and fries I can get just as good at most drive thrus for less. We wanted steak or chicken pasta.....not available. We settled for the local Jack's..... not the greatest......they too, were out of lots of menu items. We both ate burgers that satisfied our hunger for less than $10-$14 a meal. Won't be back to the Dyersburg Applebee's. Sorry!

Kathleen Perez

Always complain that they are understaffed. Always miss something on your order. Drinks take forever to get out to you. Staff there is not very attentive. Manager never came out to speak to a woman either who had a customer complaint, Instead offered to remake her order even though she had been waiting there forever. Several customers around us also had complaints also. Food quality depends on which cook is working also. Good luck with your experience. Either management needs to be changed or the restaurant should be shut down til they figure things out.

Laura Whitler

It's an alright Applebee's. The staff is pretty friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are fine but it's attached to the mall which is in a weird location.


Order online. Get curbside. Ordered at 11:11, it’s 11:55 I’m still here waiting on my order as people walk by. A women who doesn’t even work here tells me the bartender handles all to go orders. Tried calling the phone when I was in my vehicle , they wouldn’t even answer. Another woman here with me has been here for 45 minutes waiting.



2700 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN 38024, United States