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Arby's Reviews Nephi UT

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.8 with 673 reviews about Arby's
City: Nephi UT

Reviews of Arby's Nephi UT

Josh Bowden

I live in South Jordan in the Salt Lake Valley and I go to an Arby's at least once a month. This Arby's blew all the Arby's in the Salt Lake County out of the water. I have not had an Arby's meal that tasted this good in at least a decade. The fries were piping hot and the roast beef sandwich looked like it was ready to have pictures taken for the menu appearance. Everything tasted incredible. Exceeded all of my expectations. 5/5

Sig Hilke

I really like Arby's... If I have a choice of fast food, this is the winner! The classic roast beef with cheddar is always good and I really like the Reuben. Prices are good and the sandwiches are full of flavor.

Harley Izatt

If you want raw chicken this is your restaurant!! The owner Justin (super guy) is very understanding lol. He will have the audacity to tell a customer that he is sure they have never made a mistake. Place needs shut down!!

Jo Sw

Went for the Wagyu burger and they said they didn't have the meat☹ Ordered something else it was decent but not great, wish it was fresh!!! fresh made to order is much better than something that has been serving in a heat drawer. **Additionally all the tables were dirty and needed attention. Several employees were available but they sure didn't want to clean, even after I mentioned it. I had to wet napkins to wipe my own table. And during my visit eating my meal, they still never came out to clean the tables. Over all it was ok if you just need a quick bite and aren't too picky.

Michael R. Fordham

The staff was friendly, the store was clean, however the curly fries were not the best I have ever had, but the beef and cheddar was the best one that I have had from any Arby's.



815 E 100 N, Nephi, UT 84648, United States