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Arby's Reviews Rosemount MN

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Reviews of Arby's Rosemount MN

Martin Kuntz

My wife was given a sandwich with a bite out of it!!! (See pic) When she returned the sandwich, she was told it wasn't a bite mark. Are you joking? They then proceeded to make remake the sandwich. Couldn't even eat that because, as my wife watched, meat was dropped on the floor and picked up.(and tossed, thankfully) Then the same worker started to build sandwiches again without changing the gloves that had just been picking things off of the floor. Unbelievable experience.

Shamu Peterson

Arby’s is of my favorite restaurants. They have the best beef in town. The beef and cheddar is perhaps one of my favorite sandwiches. However, I also love the French dip and the turkey gyro. Mmmm mmm it’s good. Pro tip: when ordering to-go, make sure to get sauce packets, even if you don’t want it with your meal. You never know when you might want their sauce on a different sandwich later.

Scott Fleming

Food was great Girl at window was worthless We ordered 3 meals She gives us two packets of horsey sauce and two packets of catsup Kinda ruins the meal when you can’t “dress” it up with some sauce

Jay Olson

Had the Roasted Chicken Salad and it was full and delicious. I tend to drive further and go to the Rosemount location since I always get great service there. Too many issues at the Apple Valley location. Tried the orange cream snack shake and it was very good.

Shane Gannon

Like the two sandwiches for $6, spicy fish is good.



3380 150th St W, Rosemount, MN 55068, United States