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Arby's Reviews Cudahy WI

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.9 with 561 reviews about Arby's
City: Cudahy WI

Reviews of Arby's Cudahy WI


Rude and you can’t sit down in the restaurant for some time now. The food is still good. Used to be my favorite location and now it just sucks. I won’t be returning until they open the public seating. What a shame.

Gilberto Gonzalez

It was good. Except had a coupon for H Popper's & M stick's, and the kid tells me only good for one product. I tell him ok I want both, and he still only gives me one. He could not understand I was more than willing to pay for the other. 1for the wife 1for me. So the shift leader steps in and just gives me M stick's. As this was happening a woman is asking for my exact order and is telling the kid the same thing,😆. So the shift leader tells him ring up both one with coupon one at regular price, and the lady told him fine. AND HE FINDLEY GET IT! Two sandwiches two sides. But they COULD MAKE IT SO YOU COULD GET BOTH!

Nadia Hall

They gave me my fries just fine, BUT I asked for my sandwich as a wrap and they gave it to me on BREAD. They also were very confusing. So I did not ring there bell!!! Also the staff keep looking at my friend and yes I understand she’s CuRvEy but that’s very very rude!!!

julie goss

Just got home and I looked at my order (again), I ordered a chicken breast fillet sandwich! I got a large bun with a chicken tender on it and cheese! I said I wanted a Bacon Swiss! I got a chicken nugget and American cheese! Furthermore, the nuggets/tender thing(so tiny) is so dried out it’s NOT EDIBLE!!!

Janet F

Good service. But I wish the chicken salad sandwich had more chicken salad. I am glad it's back for a while.



5965 S Packard Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110, United States