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Bella Villa Italian Pizzeria by Ernesto Reviews Smyrna DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.9 with 363 reviews about Bella Villa Italian Pizzeria by Ernesto
City: Smyrna DE

Reviews of Bella Villa Italian Pizzeria by Ernesto Smyrna DE

Dusty Britton

Update on 8/27/2021: We ordered 2 large steak sandwiches (with fried onions, of course, and mushrooms/sweet peppers), and they were the BEST steak sandwiches we've had in a long, long time! The sandwiches were HUGE, DELICIOUS, not greasy, and very filling. We love Louisa!!! The best Pizza and Italian meals in Smyrna! Family run, a great local restaurant! We've been coming here for many years and it only gets better!

Samantha Giavia

They don't seem to ever have any consistency and because of that you never know what you're getting in your box. It could be a very good or a very bad pie. It's always so random. The worst is when they over cook the pizza which they've done one quite few occasions. The dough is also beef jerky tough sometimes. Sometimes the pizza is smaller than it should be, and sometimes it's misshapen, and sometimes it's the right size. That's my problem with this place is that the quality is all over the place. You used to be able to get a decent slice from here but not so much. These days I find that to be more than less. Would could fix it is getting some proper management that will make sure every order that goes out is right on the money. It used to be that way here but... well not so much these days.

Austin Berry

Do not waste your time and money here. Horrible service even when you just want to pick up a pizza. Can’t even get a cheese pizza right. You get under done crust and whatever they slop on top they call cheese. I say it again, don’t waste your time nor money. I wouldn't let my wife nor 2 year old son eat what they served me.

Mike Allabaugh

Good food and great Italian wedding soup. Best I've had in a very long time

Patricia Castro

I go there at least once a week for their pizza. Love the lunch special - 2 slices of pizza and a soda. Always delicious.



110 E Glenwood Ave #3, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States