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Caruso's Bistro Reviews Odessa DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.1 with 325 reviews about Caruso's Bistro
City: Odessa DE

Reviews of Caruso's Bistro Odessa DE

JoAnn M

We had a 90th birthday party for my Dad and had it cater through Caruso’s. Everything about my decision was a good one. First to have it catered then to use Caruso’s. Melissa was awesome when making up the menu. She was also one of the two that came, they delivered and setup for me. Compliments of the food flowed all day. I would definitely use them again. Thanks Melissa!!

Nicole Lopes

Went in quick off the highway during a road trip for slices. They warmed them up for us and they tasted great! Nice chewy, crunchy crust. One guy was yelling at another behind the counter hence the four stars.

Justin Stevenson

The crust has the perfect chew. Not too much chew. Not too little chew. As soon as I put it up to my mouth, I knew it was authentic. I could smell it. Even my buddy Kevin, who detest vegetables on pizza, ate 3 slices of the white. I also had a slice of pepperoni, and yeah, it was greasy, but it was perfect. Yes, it’s more than you’ll spend at a chain, but get over it. Good work don’t come cheap. And cheap work ain’t good. Deuces. This ain’t zagat’s

Joel Kolb

Caruso's uses Slice for their delivery service. It's the only option they offer if you want delivery. Slice delivered my food surprisingly fast, but when it arrived an item was missing and some of the food was cold. Interestingly, the only items that were cold were things the restaurant pre-makes, keeps cold, and re-heats when ordered (pizza slices, garlic knots). All that tells me it wasn't Slice's fault the food was cold, rather Caruso's forgot to heat it up in the first place. I called to complain and the man I spoke to said I went through a third party so I had to take it up with them. His language implied that it was partly my fault even though I used the service that they partnered with which was the only option they offered for delivery, and he refused to acknowledge that Caruso's could share any blame. When I told him it sounded like he wants me to take my business elsewhere next time I want Italian he said "That's what you have to do". Caruso's clearly doesn't value its customers or its own reputation. On top of that, the food was mediocre. This place used to be great a few years ago. They don't deserve your business anymore.

Steven Cloud

Great pizza and Italian food, the service in dine in is great. My only wish would be fresh brewed ice tea as the gold peak is meh in my opinion.



264 Dove Run Centre Dr, Middletown, DE 19709, United States