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Charlie's Pizza Reviews Claymont DE

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Reviews of Charlie's Pizza Claymont DE

Prestina Preston

Charlie steaks are good. They taste like a Philly cheesesteak. I love this place


Quick, easy, local pizza joint. The pizza is good and reminds me of good New York pizza. However, the staff can be a little rude. I was hung up on when opening an order on the phone. Not impressed with the service, but they can make a good pizza.

Kevin Goos

Outstanding pizza and wings that reminded me of the wings I had in college near Buffalo. It's the real deal!

Sean McGonegal

Ordered large plain. Good pizza, quick & friendly service. Will be going back to try other menu items.

Stephanie DeMaio

I’ll start by saying the food is decent especially compared to other choices in the area. However I will not ever order again due to the sheer discomfort they make me feel every time I deal with them. These people are truly miserable and seem like you are the biggest bother to them every single time. NOOOOOOOO sense of customer service or appreciation for supporting their business. I literally get anxiety if I have to call here because they are so rude and off putting. It’s simply not worth it.



2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE 19703, United States