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Ciro Food And Drink Reviews Wilmington NC

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.6 with 79 reviews about Ciro Food And Drink

Reviews of Ciro Food And Drink Wilmington NC

Nathaniel H.

Amazing restaurant for tapas. Two owners, one runs the kitchen, the other runs the front of house. It is one of the smallest restaurants I've ever been to, but definitely worth visiting! My party and I had a five course tasting and the service, presentation, and foods definitely lived up to our expectations. Each course was unique and, together, we had plenty of food while each serving was relatively small. We were also served some amazing desserts. Highly recommended, I'll definitely be back the next time I'm in Wilmington.

Gabrielle Ambrosino

I dine here often and the food never disappoints - absolutely delicious! We had a private party here for my mom’s 60th birthday and it was beautiful! We had a curated menu including dishes my mom loves and everything was excellent. Outstanding service - everyone is so helpful and accommodating and we never had to wait for anything. If you ever have a chance go and try the chefs tasting menu you must try - you will be hooked!!

Melissa Larson

The host at the door runs the Veritas wine and craft beer part of the business. The food is outstanding. First night we had hamburgers with no bun super good. The next night we were to go to a tasting at Ciro but turned out we couldn’t go. Our next meal there we did the tasting, six courses, on the menu. Amazing, the chef should be on a reality show. Would not be surprised if he has already won awards. The chef is very low-key and the food was incredible. The entire experience was wonderful and the food exceptional flavors and combinations I did the wine pairings with dinner and have never had pairings that complemented the dinner so well. The flavors exploded in my mouth they were amazing to see the latest.

Chuck Scott

Food 4.5 stars, service 2 stars, experience 2 stars. We had the tasting menu and some items were 5 stars, some were 4.5 and some were 4 stars. The experience was poor because we arrived on time for our reservation but they gave away our table as we waited in the bar for 75 minutes. Bar experience was poor as we watched a server drink 2 beers. Service gets a poor review because the drinking server tried to deliver the wrong drinks to our table then he became rude. Allowing staff to drink is a bad idea. We will not return.


Ciro Food and Drink offers the small city of Wilmington a culinary experience one would normally expect to find in major metropolitan areas like New York or Philadelphia. The menu provides a wide range of upscale dishes ranging from perfectly cooked Wagyu beef, delectable pan seared scallops, pumpkin ravioli, and their irresistible forest mushroom consume. Where Ciro truly shines, however, is their chef tasting menus which allows patrons to sample up to 7 different courses prepared specially by the chef; each paired perfectly with its own glass of wine. In over two dozen times visiting Ciro, my wife and I have never walked away from a chef tasting experience hungry, unsatisfied, or without sampling something new. Beyond its amazing food, the owner and staff of Ciro make every customer feel welcome and part of the Ciro family; making for many, the restaurant a home away from home. Ciro is a must stop for any local Wilmington foodie or visiting person stopping through!



321 A Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States