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Cook's Kitchen Inc Reviews Brookings SD

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Reviews of Cook's Kitchen Inc Brookings SD

Casey Swenson

Very nice breakfast option. The place has the old school cafe feeling and a menu to match. Potions are huge so be aware when you order that you are going to leave full! The locals have claimed the place, and you might get some weird looks if your an "out of towner", but once you get past the initial looks its all good.

Austin Rudich

There's nothing better for breakfast. It's affordable and delicious. You feel like you're eating a home cooked meal and it's always a relaxing atmosphere!

James Maupin

Best place I've ever gotten breakfast. Very reasonable pricing, along with portions that make sense. Normally very busy but it is worth it.

Rachael Olson

My boyfriend ordered a small pancake and got a huge one that was doughy on the inside and lapping over the plate-way too big and undercooked. When he told the waitress, a young 20-something bleach-blond with short hair and glasses, she proceeded to, rather snottily state that, "Well I don't understand how the food could be not hot when the plate is hot," and walked away. Then I heard her repeat her conversation with us to the kitchen staff. She wasn't even quiet about it. Terribly unprofessional. Wrong item ordered, undercooked, and awfully rude waitress. Also, she brought the ticket with our food, didn't bother to ask if we wanted a coffee refill or anything else. We still would have tipped her had she not been so rude. Boss man might want to reassess some of his newer hirees.

Patty Merz

I loved it. It feels like a little diner from the 60's. People are seated next to one another, even if you don't know them. And yes you can even talk to them. I recently moved here from California, so that concept of sitting next to a stranger and actually having a conversation with them is unheard of. I love it here. Californian's could learn a thing or two from y'all up here.



304 Main Ave, Brookings, SD 57006, United States