restautants near me guide
restautants near me guide

Best Restaurants in Brookside DE


The Burrow

857 Broadfield Dr, Newark, DE 19713, United States

This place is awesome. Food is great and service excellent. Just what my sweet tooth desired! Easy to order and quick turnaround. Highly recommend....Read More

5 with 1 reviews

Flame Grill Subs and Pitas

1 Chesmar Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Their classic burger ( halal ) is the best i have tried so far. The charcoal flavor of the meat with their soft bun, is just fantastic. The meat taste so fresh ...Read More

4.8 with 104 reviews

Tony's Bistro

29 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Tony's pizza is the real deal. We love the Crab Alfredo pizza, but all their pizza's are delicious. The crust is what makes it so great. It reminds me of good b...Read More

4.5 with 327 reviews

Olive Tree Cafe

13 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Always good fresh food. Great service. Except not open for mother's day? Even for take out? And no message on your phone or website to make that clear? Great fo...Read More

4.5 with 449 reviews

Mike's Famous Steaks & Subs

754 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

I've been coming here for 10+ years....even with the new ownership...UNTIL....I called one day and asked for the "daily special". I was told it is now only avai...Read More

4.5 with 414 reviews

Fiesta Maya Mexican Grill

200 Pencader Plaza, Newark, DE 19711, United States

First visit and was pleased with food and service. Food was fresh and delicious. Mango margarita was excellent. Our server was attentive and friendly. Prices we...Read More

4.5 with 75 reviews

Taqueria Atexcac Restaurant Mexican Food

50 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

**Update** March 2021 I used to eat there quite often. A friend from Mexico had suggested this place as authentic Mexican. I used to love it. I believe though...Read More

4.4 with 644 reviews

Two Stones Pub Newark

1203 Christiana Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Staff was the best part of the experience. She was very nice and attentive. Food definitely over priced. I'm obsessed with brussel sprouts and these were soake...Read More

4.4 with 1218 reviews

Metro Diner

4601 Ogletown Stanton Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Came here after a long hard day at the office and wanted a nice solo comfort meal. What I got instead - on top of a wonderful chicken pot pie (tastes just like ...Read More

4.4 with 3236 reviews

Aunt Vonda's Kitchen Table

16 Salem Village Square, Newark, DE 19713, United States

I had been there when they first had their grand opening. The food was amazing. After reading the reviews today I wasn't sure about returning but I was craving ...Read More

4.3 with 28 reviews

Sonora Restaurant & Bar

3 Chesmar Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

The French press drinks!!!! Yum! The atmosphere is chill and the food is good. Delightful when you get a chance to chat with the owner/head chef. She adjusts th...Read More

4.3 with 98 reviews

Smiley's Diner

1025 Christiana Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

I am very much dissatisfied. I went to do an order online around 7:15 am for 2 Texas burgers, the total was 21.98. I put in all my information, hay confirmed, ...Read More

4.2 with 1401 reviews

Philly Style Pizza Express

681 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

This place is a largely take out pizza/steak/sub Italian restaurant with some seating. Place seemed clean, staff was pleasant, order time was short. Got mushroo...Read More

4.2 with 140 reviews

Brookside Country Maid Deli

63 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

How in the world can food be THIS good AND this cheap? I've only ordered delivery from this restaurant so I can't speak for the inside. However, when looking fo...Read More

4 with 147 reviews

D & H Jamaican Cuisine

748 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

Love it, love it and love it some more. Probably my most favorite Jamaican food spot. And the food doesn’t look like pig slop like everywhere else. The cooks ...Read More

4 with 841 reviews

Hibachi Express

752 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

This is my #1 place to go for California Rolls, they make the best in Delaware and I've tried many places since I moved here from NYC. Also their combination pl...Read More

3.9 with 133 reviews

Pat's Pizzeria

40 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States

My favorite Pat's restaurant! They give you a great amount of food for an inexpensive price. I also enjoy their rewards program. Excellent customer service a...Read More

3.7 with 303 reviews

Great Wall

21 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

I tried food from here a few times and it was always very good. Their extra spicy is still sweet for me(took 1 star off for that) but quite delicious. They have...Read More

3.7 with 50 reviews


30 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, DE 19713, United States

They need to be allowed to serve dine in....Read More

3.6 with 657 reviews


Places To Eat in Brookside - The Best Restaurants in Brookside

Are you looking for the "best restaurants in Brookside?" Or, have you ever wondered "how to find the best restaurants in Brookside"? You've come to the right place! We've put together a list of best Brookside DE restaurants near you.

Whether you are searching for Where to Eat in Brookside, takeout restaurants, seafood restaurants, pet-friendly restaurants, dine-in restaurants, or outdoor seating restaurants, we got them all.

We have compiled a list of top-rated restaurants near you. All you need to do is follow the below tips to find the best restaurants in open now.

How To Find The Best Restaurants in Brookside Open Now?

If you have ever wondered "how to find the best restaurants open now near me"? Read on, and we will show you the best way to do that.

We have curated the list of top restaurants in Brookside, so just go through the list and choose the one which suits your taste buds. It doesn't matter whether you want a fine-dining experience or casual dining, we have them all on our list.

In case, if you don't find your favorite restaurant on our list, use places to eat in Brookside to find the list of best places to eat in Brookside.

Just open the Google Map and enter your location and the type of restaurant you are looking for like American restaurants near me, Mexican restaurants near me, and click on the "search" button.

Now, you will be able to see the list of nearby restaurants with their location on Google Maps. Select the best restaurant near you and click on the link to find more information about the restaurant, like address, contact details, reviews, ratings, opening hours, etc.

Also, you can hover your mouse over the Google Map location you find suitable, Google will show you all the important information about the restaurant.

How To Find Nearby Restaurants Open Now?

In order to find the best restaurants open near me, see the map below. You can zoom -in to find the nearby restaurants and click on the restaurant location to know more about the place.

How Do I Choose The Best Restaurants in Brookside DE?

Choosing the best restaurants nearby your location can be daunting, especially if you are not aware of what each restaurant offers. whether is fast food restaurant near me, Here are some tips to choose the best restaurants near me:

1. Visit the restaurant in person

One sure way to know if the restaurant is good or not is to go there yourself and taste their dishes. There are many types of restaurants, so you may want to try them all before making your decision on which one will become your favorite.

2. Get recommendations from friends who have tried it out

If you have friends who have tried out a specific type of restaurant, and they liked it, then that's definitely worth checking out. You may also ask them for recommendations and other suggestions on the restaurants nearby your location.

3. Look at customer reviews

Another way to know if a certain restaurant is good or not is by reading their customer reviews online. This will give you an idea of what to expect from them and if they are worth visiting.

4. Look at their menu

Before going to a restaurant, check out their menu first so that you can choose dishes for your meal. Make sure the food on the list is good and prices are reasonable too. Because you would not want to visit a restaurant that has dishes you don't like and prices are too high for your budget.

These tips will help you choose the restaurants near me that meet your requirements and taste buds.

here is the list of top restaurants in Brookside DE:

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