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dorcea Reviews Wilmington NC

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Reviews of dorcea Wilmington NC

Que Perry

Easily one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I live nearby and while the food is good, it’s the welcoming charm that keeps me coming back. I recently lost my sunglasses while picking up food and it turns out that I dropped them in the lobby while leaving. They gave me a call to let me know they had them and would hold them at the bar until I came back. I was already a happy customer but really appreciate them going the extra mile.


One of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. Food is amazing, fresh and tasty. The service was excellent. The firecracker shrimp and the spicy calamari is a must try ! That’s the best and my favorite. Jambalaya was really good. I would definitely recommend this place.

Jennifer Maldonado

One of my favorite places in Wilmington. Not close to me, but worth a drive to the city for the firecracker shrimp that I oftem crave. My next favorite is a cross between the meatloaf and the jambalaya. And if your looking for a nice bottle of wine or an amazing martini... this should be your spot. The vibe is casual yet classy...


Excellent cocktails, food, and service. Very enjoyable atmosphere as well.

Christine Hoag

Food was excellent service was a little slow, but it still is an amazing restaurant!



1314 Washington St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States