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La Fia Bistro Reviews Wilmington NC

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.7 with 313 reviews about La Fia Bistro

Reviews of La Fia Bistro Wilmington NC

Brian Smeal

This was our fourth and perhaps final time at La Fia. We had a 5:30 PM reservation and I had requested twice to have an out of the way table. I was told I could not have it b/c there was a larger party which would occupy that space. We were seated promptly and I did note that the back out of the way table only had 4 people seated. Exactly the number in our party. We enjoyed Soups X2, a Charcuterie board, cocktail count was five plus two glasses of port, four entrees and then there were two desserts. The total bill with a 30% tip b/c our server was wonderful was $395.20. We were really enjoying our time when someone from the front came to our table, it was about 8:15PM and asked us to leave! While she wasn't' rude, she was snippy, There were open seats at the bar and frankly, we had seen many patrons come and go over the evening. I was shocked. So, this is why while we love the restaurant, whoever this woman was ruined my evening. I do not know right this minute if I will never step foot in La Fia again,. We did correspond with the owner about our experience and in spite of this, have chosen to never step foot in the place again. It’s repeat business that keeps you afloat and this horrible night is simply unforgettable and unforgivable.

George L

It was a great culinary experience. I truly enjoy going out to eat a cooked meal versus a heated meal. This was truly composed from incredible ingredients. The ambiance was very comfortable and the service matched up perfectly.


Absolutely lovely. Small place so make sure you make a reservation. We had 3 courses of absolutely fantastic food 😄 Our waitress was friendly, and the whole place was so cute!

Mike Wagaman

Highly recommend! The prix fixe menu on Wednesday was great. Each dish the 3 of us had was nicely flavorful with nuanced, complementary flavors. The restaurant is fairly small but tables were reasonably spread out. Got a bit loud later so go early if you like it quiet. The cappuccino was good too.


Really good price, This might be the easiest choice on a Wednesday the $35 prefixed menu Isla prefixed menu is crazy appetizer is appetizer entree and a dessert and a top it off clean bathrooms you must go let's go and try this place out the servers are very informative they know all the information about the wines the cocktail menu is very creative they have their own ideas and they have the classic cocktails The parking is accessible was not hard to find a good parking spot and that was security If walking the sidewalk so you felt safe when you exited very good location definitely should come and check it out



421 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States