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McDonald's Reviews McCook NE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.3 with 602 reviews about McDonald's
City: McCook NE

Reviews of McDonald's McCook NE

Tim Ferencak

I was starving after a long day of work, so I went to old faithful. Bad decision. Got 20 nuggets with barbecue sauce. No sauce. Got a large fry. No salt. Got 3 cookies. Cold, stale, hard. The only thing they didn’t mess up was my large coke.

Ken Sellers

Good McDonald's, though understaffed like everywhere else. The girl behind the counter was telling everyone about the workout she was getting. Sounds like she deserves a raise!

Jake White

It what you pay for. Its McDonalds. I do enjoy the app and rewards.

Timothy Green

They must have had a staffing issue the day I was in, but everyone was super nice.

Hazard 1nc (Hazard1nc)

Very clean, always gets my order right, always warm food, never over salty fries, over all one of the best McDonald's I've ever visited!



501 US-83, McCook, NE 69001, United States