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Nicks Philadelphia Cheese Steaks & Gyros Reviews Dewey Beach DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.5 with 216 reviews about Nicks Philadelphia Cheese Steaks & Gyros

Reviews of Nicks Philadelphia Cheese Steaks & Gyros Dewey Beach DE

jes r

Wanted to pop in and use the bathroom. Asked the nice worker and he said ok. Came out and this old man (I'm assuming the owner) asked if I bought anything, yelling at me that I need to buy something if I use their bathroom. I said no, do you have anything gluten free? He said no. If you want to use the bathroom next time you buy something. I said we won't be back and have a GREAT DAY. When we asked to use the bathroom, if we weren't allowed, say no! Yell at your employees, not potential customers who just started their vacation and are still scoping out the area for potential places to eat. I did not buy anything, and since I was yelled at by the owner, I WILL not. Restaurants are a hospitality industry. To the grumpy old man: it's time to retire.

Clothed and Confident

Food was decent at best and the owner yelled at us and everyone else in the store for no reason. I guess some guy was complaining about something but we were just quietly sitting enjoying our meal. Usually it is a vagrant disrupting the customers not the owner. He literally told us to get out lol. Might be time to retire there pops. Your cheesteaks aren't that good anyway... If you are in the area maybe try Vinny's Instead it's new I think and the owner might even be nice to you while you eat.

Peter Grambs

Pretty good pizza steak. Just like I’ve had in Philly so they are true to their name.

selina strauss

Excellent food. Best Gyro I've had in years

Zepher St. Claire

Felt like I was on an episode of Bar Rescue where someone doesn't like something and the old dried up owner loses his mind and makes a scene.



1800 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, United States