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Northbeach Reviews Dewey Beach DE

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Reviews of Northbeach Dewey Beach DE

Michele Kunze

Had a rainy stormy lunch today with Gabby. She was friendly and a delight to be around. Great atmosphere love the on the water location. Had the pizza which was delicious. We will definitely be back, thanks again Gabby and Northbeach!

Anna Robbins

This place looks and sounds great, but it's a trash dump... So disappointing. We love and frequent so many places in town but will never come back here again. Especially with the rude management. I cannot imagine how the staff turnover is, no one should have to be treated as we witnessed

Michael Sih

Great location on the bay with lots of outdoor beach space, stage for a band and plenty of bars to get your drinks at. Great place to watch a sunset too.

Anna Robbins

Worst management ever. I don't even know how the place is still open with the horrific, basic customer service experiment anyone should expect. I've not been this disappointed in a dining experience since I can recall.

A Robbins

Very rude management, I was appalled at how the night manager treated the staff. We left in utter shock... Absolutely terrible experience. I feel bad for the staff that has to work underneath anyone who thinks they are subservient and treated lowly. I will never come here again, purely in outrage of the toxic management we witnessed. People should never be spoken to that way. I'm speechless. Beautiful, hard working staff should not be treated like trash by those who are supposed to look after their best interest. This place should be boycotted until more compassionate management can be secured.



125 McKinley St, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, United States