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Taco John's Reviews Huron SD

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4 with 455 reviews about Taco John's
City: Huron SD

Reviews of Taco John's Huron SD

Becky R

Just ate here 2 hours ago.. now starting to feel sick to my stomach and shaky. The food was Luke warm at the most. Potato oles were old, stale, and cold. Ordered the food off door dash and was in contact with my dasher the entire time. She stood there for over a half hour waiting on our 1 potato ole and 1 nacho order. She was fast at getting it here once she received the food from them and apologized to me for it taking a long time. Shouldn’t be her responsibility to apologize.. From the time I ordered to the time I received was almost an hour and it was cold. Not impressed and sure hope this isn’t food poisoning.

Christen Bult

Food is good. But I ordered a chicken quesadilla and now it comes in a bag instead of a box. In the bag the food was all smushed together and the cheese and chicken were just running out of the shell into the bag. At least with them in boxes they couldn't get smushed! Also no napkins put into the bag!

Sarah Nickels

Went through the drive through and ordered 6 bean burritos (2 w/out onion) a large potato ole w/a side of nacho cheese. Got home and discovered WE HAD SOMEBODY ELSE'S ORDER! We live 10 miles outside of town! What a freaking fiasco!

Corrine Odegaard

We just got done eating here in Huron and it was the worst breakfast burritos ever.. we loved taco johns usually but they definitely need to train their staff or something.. no ingredients in them and weren't hubby has asked for them to grill them 3 weeks in a row and it is evidently too much work cuz they don’t do it!!! Bring back your previous gals ..they never screwed things up!!!

Michele Gran

Super nachos were good but the quantity sure has gone down. Even the toppings are scarce. Guacamole was the size of a nickel.



410 Dakota Ave N, Huron, SD 57350, United States