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5 CONS Snack Shack Reviews Minot AFB ND

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 9 reviews about 5 CONS Snack Shack

Reviews of 5 CONS Snack Shack Minot AFB ND

Trenton High

As an officer and a gentlemen I was quite enthused to find multiple variations of what the enlisted seem to call “Monster” available for purchase. I deemed it wise to acquire one in part so that I could appear relatable, and also so that the enlisted would feel more comfortable in my presence. This worked tremendously as I cracked a wise one around the enlisted and received a raucous response. However the only reason this fine establishment cannot receive a firewall 5 is that often I find the enlisted beverage stocks are quite low if not completely empty. This makes it extremely difficult for me to fit in. Provided those enlisted drinks remain stocked I highly recommend!

Justin Loughrey

Honestly this is the most diverse snack shack I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The wide array of snack options really helps me get through my day. The snack shack consigliere does an incredible job with restocking the snack shack so the mission can carry on. Recommendation: More bang.

Pamela Carr

This review of the 5 CONS Snack Shack is long overdue, but it took me this long to overcome the sheer shock of such an amazing establishment. This snack shack pays homage to the tremendous history of military snack shacks, and brings this time honored tradition into the modern era. The selection is a delightful mix of healthy and terrible for the body, and the cheering tastebuds can be heard all the way in Washington DC! It was nearly the highlight of my visit to experience the warm atmosphere and plush surroundings of the 5 CONS Snack Shack. I highly recommend this stop to any/all visitors to Minot AFB! Respectfully, CMSgt Carr.

Darrell Gonzalez

Great spot great people best place in minot to get some LPTA SNACKS for the low low. 10/10 would recommend!

Junior Uran

Quality selection. I know the guy that runs this place. He's a good guy!



165 Missile Ave, Minot AFB, ND 58704, United States