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African Fusion Restaurant Reviews Cheswold DE

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Reviews of African Fusion Restaurant Cheswold DE

Zecneh Doe

While visiting Dover today, I decided to try this restaurant and regret wasting my money. The ox tails were as tough and chewy as beef jerky. If anyone desires real African food, drive up to New Castle or Wilmington, or better yet Philly. The quantity and quality is worth your money and the trip.

Bre Down

I ordered from here for the first time today and I was NOT disappointed!! I ordered fufu (pounded yam) and egusi with chicken. I didn’t eat the chicken, but the egusi and fufu were DELICIOUS!! The service was great & the owner was very kind. Definitely ordering again next week lol.

Brielle Sutton

I ordered Egusi Stew with Beef and Fufu for $19.99 on a Sunday. This was my first time trying and first time going to this restaurant. Upon getting my food home, as I sat down to eat, I noticed that I was given CHICKEN instead of beef. I called, and after the second call, I recieved an answer. I explained what I ordered and how I received the wrong meat. The lady said they ran out of beef but that I could come back on Thursday, when they open back up, and she will give me four pieces of beef. I asked if I should bring the food back as well which she said no to. I didn't think she really meant she was only going to give me the beef. With hesitation, I went back on Thursday all to ONLY receive 4 pieces of beef (which were mostly dry and tough, I.e., overcooked when I cut through them)... NO Egusi and no Fufu. I asked, "Do I have to order the other items that were originally with it?" She said, "I don't care but this is your refund, the beef." I said, "I guess I'll just have to figure out what to eat with it," and walked out. Overall, the meal was not worth $19.99 per the portion size and especially for me to receive what was not ordered and to not have the meal remade correctly. I was highly disappointed and likely will not be returning. Definitely not a great first time experience and definitely a waste of gas.

Tanajea Griffin

Tried here for the first time today & everything was amazing. Will be stopping by more often.


Nice lady and the food was really good 😊



4200 N Dupont Hwy #4, Dover, DE 19901, United States