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Alpine Stop Reviews Alpine UT

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.7 with 29 reviews about Alpine Stop
City: Alpine UT

Reviews of Alpine Stop Alpine UT

Stu Anderson

I’ve lived in the area for many years….since 2005. I only used to stop in here if I had to. Now, I go out of my way to frequent and support this great store. The family that owns/runs it now are great—so friendly and helpful! I read a review that said this place is now a shadow of its former status…not true…this place is the BEST it’s ever been! The grill food is great! They have my favorite onion rings of anyplace anywhere! A great all around store that I’m happy to frequent—and do frequent throughout the week!! -Stu

Carla Bennion

Totally recommend this place, we stopped with my family for lunch and they seriously have the best burgers and fries. So yummy! It’s also a family owned business and they are so friendly and kind. A must try!

Kimball White

The “Alpine Stop Grille” here is okay. The meals are very overpriced, and it’s pretty obvious it’s all Costco buns and meat slapped together. A chicken sandwich combo costs $12! They also don’t let you refill your drink, which is annoying.

Justin Cooper

Wow is all I can say!! This is an amazing place to eat. Great friendly people and amazing tasty food. I ate hear a year ago and am finally able to come back. Was so happy they are still in business.

Daniel Holdaway

Worst employers ever. They promise to take care of you. Until you are worn out. Then they try to screw you over again. I miss the Junction. Alpine Stop is a shadow of what The Junction was. Trust me. And the food in their pictures was cooked by ME. Over a year ago. These new owners are a money grubbing joke.



400 S Main St, Alpine, UT 84004, United States