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American Flatbread Reviews Middlebury VT

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Reviews of American Flatbread Middlebury VT

Vermont Life 802

That would be the day I give you proof of anything especially medical related. I will gladly take my business elsewhere. Good luck staying in business!

robert Cavagnaro

What a find ! Coming from NY city noted for good Pizza this casual restaurant has a fantastic menu of wood fired Pizza 🍕 & Draft Beer 🍻 many local to the Vermont area ! Pizza makers & Oven master are in full view of customer's in the dining room! A full bar is to the left as you walk in & you can dine at the bar ! Plenty of parking & take out is always an option ! Enjoy !😋

Henry Romp

The pizza is delicious, and they were happy to accommodate when one of the pizzas we ordered wasn't what we were expecting, and they replaced it with a different pizza with no hesitation. The pizza we sent back was the "Dancing Heart," we had not realized how dry it would be -- in my opinion this pizza would be much better if it had more oil or sauce of any kind. None of our party thought it tasted good, which was a bit of a shock since most of us had eaten here before and agreed that every pizza we had ever ordered here had been truly delicious. The "Punctuated Equilibrium" pizza on their menu is my personal favorite. Definitely 5 stars for the place overall, the atmosphere is lovely and the service is great. Will be eating here again for sure.

Mitchel Blackfield

You should open your indoor dining. It’s pretty rude when we walk in and we aren’t greeted for work minutes and then told you’re not able to seat us at the empty bar because your have “reservations”

Nikki Thibodeau

My husband, oldest son and I were returning to Maine from attending a NY college accepted student day and needed to eat along our 7 hour trip. We were disappointed to discover we were unable to eat here as we did not have proof of vaccination. What discrimination! The vaccine has proven to not stop the spread of covid. At this time the only "claim" is that there may be some benefit to the individual with regards to severity of symptoms. Same viral load is scientifically proven to spread from a vaccinated just the same as an unvaccinated. Furthermore, do not suggest to customers as they are walking out, after you've turned them away, to order take out. I don't think anyone wants to spend their money at your establishment after telling them they are not welcome. My son got a taste of Vermont on our quick stop and he said he would never return.



137 Maple St, Middlebury, VT 05753, United States