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Anongs'. Reviews Cheyenne WY

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Reviews of Anongs'. Cheyenne WY

Annie Black

Delicious food. I had the shrimp pineapple fried rice and Papaya salad, it was very delicious and the service was also good 👍 I recommend this place to all my friends and family. Go ahead and try they're amazing food it's worth your money.

Brady Cone

We love the food. But, we can rarely actually eat it because they'll never answer their phone to take our order. My wife and I were going to get takeout from them tonight for our anniversary, but they won't answer. I've tried calling over 20 times. There are numerous times they have done this to us.

Cindy Wiley

Absolutely delishishness. Yes I made that word up. I had the shrimp and chicken salad and the garden rolls. I have to admit when I saw those huge pieces of tofu, I was expecting not to like them at all. What a pleasant surprise! I could of had 2 orders of these and been full. Oh...the peanut sauce was to die for. And although they were a little slow, the place was packed for pick up orders. The staff was also very nice. I will be back.

Josh Eyres

A wonderful Thai restaurant. Would definitely recommend to anybody, whether they've had Thai food before or not. The food and drinks are both always very good and I've yet to be disappointed by any menu item.

Randy Morris

Came down to Cheyenne for the day and decided to try something a little different. Anong's Thai cuisine fit the bill. Before I lived in the middle of Wyoming, I was in Portland, Oregon for a decade, a city well known for high-quality restaurants. Anong's Thai cuisine was easily a match for any of the Thai places I visited there, and less expensive to boot. I had the sweet basil chicken lunch and it was fantastic; came with a delicious soup appetizer, as well as a large helping of rice. Tldr; Go to Anong's Thai Cuisine and eat!



620 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82007, United States