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AppeThai Reviews Brown Deer WI

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Reviews of AppeThai Brown Deer WI

Morgan Spinney

The food is outstanding, which is definitely acknowledged by the greater area, so you will wait a bit for your takeout order to be ready. Absolutely worth it. Incredibly fresh ingredients, this place made me realize I was never having true authentic Thai food until now. You get what you pay for, be prepared to spend more than you likely have in the past for Thai food, you’ll forget that price once it hits your mouth though. Their Tom Kha soup might be the best thing I’ve literally ever tasted in my entire life. You will not be disappointed with this place.

Sam Fetters

One of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. The food is only second to the service from the kind staff and the amazing owner. My new favorite restaurant!

Sharon DeVorse

Service was great. Food wonderful. Would definitely go back. We had party of 8 and everyone enjoyed the experience.

Debbie Erickson

We ordered their rib eye steak, called "Weeping Tiger" as carryout. The food was excellent and very flavorful. I really loved the food. But the reason I have to mark it down to a 3-star is accessibility. I am handicapped. I have a lot of trouble with curbs and steps. There is no handicap-accessible ramps and I had to ask a stranger for help up the steep curb. The ENTIRE block of businesses, from the UPS store to the AppeThai has NO curb ramps. I use a cane, but if you are in a wheelchair, forget about ever getting into any of these businesses. It is not Americans-with-Disabilities-Act friendly.

Ra Lumpy Limpy Hiker

Loved this. Great tea, excellent food and the service was perfect. Honestly just a nice place to spend an hour or so



3900 W Brown Deer Rd #110, Brown Deer, WI 53209, United States