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Applebee's grill + bar Reviews Seaford DE

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Reviews of Applebee's grill + bar Seaford DE

Don'tJudgeABook ByItsCover

I've been to alot of Applebee's and this one is the best I've ever had. I mean honestly I don't know who is cooking right now but the love that is being put into this food 😍😍😍. The service is great, very good vibes. I'm loving it! Best Applebee's by far. 10/10

Deanna States

Hands down the best experience we've had here. We visited last night for a very special birthday dinner for our 8 year old. At first the host said they didn't have a spot big enough for our party of 12, even though I called ahead and tried to reserve a big table, they said they didn't do reservations, but they had another table reserved for a large party coming in later? I became upset, but the manager quickly stepped in and accommodated our party. He was absolutely awesome! He came over and spoke to us several times, he and the waitresses even helped sing happy birthday. :) can't thank the staff enough for everything they did. I definitely recommend this place.

Mel Davis

Thought hubby and I found a great place to have lunch dates, but our last experience was not so great. We took our usual seats at the bar. We made small talk for about 5 minutes as we waited for the bartender. I glanced around and noticed everyone at the bar was served. Jeff, the bartender worked on the cash register in front of us and never acknowledged or made eye contact even though he was less than 3 feet from us. A few more minutes went by and we noticed that he was standing at the other end of the bar with another employee making small talk with a gentleman having a beer. My husband became upset and he said let's go. As we were walking out, we walked past a group of employees and my husband asked one of them who was the bartender. The employee answered Jeff and pointed at the guy who never made eye contact. Prior to this experience, we were there at least 5 times and was pleased with the service. We always tipped well and spent an average of $65 per visit. Unfortunately for Applebee's and because of this experience, we found that across the street, Texas Roadhouse was much more pleasant, the food is WAY better and the prices were very good. Too bad the experience at Applebee's made us feel Jeff didn't want to serve us even though we patiently gave him every opportunity to do his job. But when it became blatantly obvious that he did not want to acknowledge us after being right in front of him and as he was facing us, we decided our money can be spent at an establishment where great customer service is a company goal that should be experienced consistently and not dependent on who is working at the time of our visit. Too bad.


Updated 5/21- went for half price appteizers after 9pm and everything was excellent. Food came out fresh and hot. Last time we went here, all the food came out cold except the pretzels and cheese. If you get one of their $5 drink specials, you'll be lucky to taste any alcohol in it. I had to ask them one time if they forgot to add it. Chili's has much better drink specials.

Matt Cooper

Super great food and service with out the super check. Try the Feasta lime chicken. You won't be disappointed.



22873 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973, United States