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Arby's Reviews Rapid Valley SD

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Reviews of Arby's Rapid Valley SD

J Carmichael

We don't visit many fast food establishments but had few choices yesterday. The staff at this Arby's was friendly and professional and got our order correct. Hassle free and the food was well prepared.

David Sun

Was Arby's always this good? Haven't been there for years but it was delicious, glad we stopped by when we needed a quick meal. The sandwich that comes with brisket has some fantastic smoked flavor.

Mike Mamula

I love Arby's food. However, speed of service is a huge issue with this store. When I went there were only 2 people working. Whoever owns that store needs to step up and help their store. The gentleman who took my order was great. However, spending over a half hour in the drive thru doesn't coin the term "fast"

Elaine McGuire

Doors were locked. No sign saying to use drive thru. Just happened to see a car using it and tried it. Food was good but some other people were driving away thinking it was closed. Still.. was good when we got food.

Stephanie Quist

Ordered large fries. Fries were less then a large. I've ordered from other Arby's before never disappointed until today. Just will not go back to that one.



3920 Cheyenne Boulevard, Rapid City, SD 57703, United States