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El Diablo Burritos Newark NJ

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.6 with 461 reviews about El Diablo Burritos
City: Newark NJ

El Diablo Burritos Description

El Diablo Burritos in Newark NJ falls under the category of Restaurants in Newark NJ with a rating of 4.6 by users. El Diablo Burritos located at 127 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711, United States. El Diablo Burritos Geographic Coordinates: longitude — -75.7481397, latitude — 39.6832818.

El Diablo Burritos operates from . For more information, please call on (302) 367-8682 or visit El Diablo Burritos Website. If you have ever been to El Diablo Burritos, share your experience with other users and write a review.

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Reviews of El Diablo Burritos

Alex Zorach

I used to be a die-hard fan of this place. I ate here yesterday and the window was open (I love how it can be open to the fresh air like that), but they had the heat on and turned way up. Heat on + window open is incredibly wasteful!!!! Come on guys, fuel prices are really high right now and not only is this wasting money but it's wasting fuel and any fuel waste just drives up the prices for everyone else including people who can't afford it, AND it drives climate change which is a major problem and I want EVERYONE to be taking climate change seriously, ESPECIALLY businesses. Not to mention it was physically really uncomfortable to be sitting there and having hot, dry air blasting me from one side while cool outdoor air was blowing from the other side. I would rather they either keep the window closed, or open it and turn the heat off. I brought a coat, and it was warm enough to sit outside so it would be plenty pleasant. Please figure out what to do so that you don't do anything wasteful like this again! I will be happy to come back here; the food is great as always! BTW why does your website not have any email contact or contact form? I'd love to be able to send feedback through the website but there is no way for me to do so and frankly that looks really unprofessional, like you just don't care. So I'm docking you two stars, one for the heating fiasco and one for not having contact info on your website. Respond to this review and update both of these issues and I will happily move my review back up to 5 stars, because the quality of the food is 5-star-worthy.

Steven Brodie

Hands down the best place for burritos on main St in Newark. Friendly staff, massive burritos, fresh food and fair pricing. Don't mess around with sup par burritos and go to El Diablo!


Great place for a hefty meal, no matter which meal it is. Is it pricy, yes.. are the portions huge, yes. Even the kids servings are more than enough for an adult. They offer tasty options as you build your meal yourself. We had lunch this past time and all three of us enjoyed it, our daughter liked the idea of picking all that went into hers and said it was delicious.

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127 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711, United States