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Epic Egg Restaurants Cheyenne Reviews Cheyenne WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 582 reviews about Epic Egg Restaurants Cheyenne

Reviews of Epic Egg Restaurants Cheyenne Cheyenne WY

Julie Gondzar

Unfortunately this place has really gone downhill. It’s very obvious that they have cut cost by reducing the quality of the food significantly. We waited an hour at our table for our food at the Cheyenne location (with our 3 year old). During that time the waitress did not come back to refill our drinks. The quality of the waffle was awful, you could tell not much batter was used and they were trying to compensate by overcooking it and sprinkling it with confectionery sugar. Also we only got one waffle when we usually get multiple as part of the meal. The fruit was OK, but when we asked for a side of avocado for our daughter, we got a small round ball of mashed avocado. When I asked for slices, they told us they don’t have any avocados at the restaurant. The side of avocado is processed and in mashed form. This felt more like a cheap diner experience than a quality restaurant. We left without really eating anything.

Michelle Gable

Epic egg is a good standard breakfast place. Large menu with plenty of options. Menu highlights vegetarian and gluten free options. Very busy but the staff is hustling! They do have booze but I was there for business and sadly couldn’t partake.

D Davis

The food was amazing, there are a few vegan options, and a few more that can be modified to be vegan. At first there was some issue about what couldn't be done but it was rectified and the attitude never got salty. Kudos for that. I will be coming back at my earliest opportunity.

The double Ks

The food here was okay when I asked the server if I could substitute my English muffin for The rustic potatoes because they don't serve hash browns she said no anybody knows if you're a server you do your best not to say no she could have just said yes with an upcharge of $2 because that's what a side of hash browns cost she didn't seem to be willing to happy in front of customers. Other than her temperament everything else was pretty good the corned beef hash could have had a little more beef in it. My wife really enjoyed her omelette.

L Waller

Bree was our server....she was AWESOME! I had the Go Green with a side of Boss Bacon...amazing! Hazelnut coffee was delicious too. Everything on the menu sounded and looked really good. Food was hot and timely, out of the kitchen!



2300 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States