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Pat's Pizzeria Reviews Brookside DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.7 with 303 reviews about Pat's Pizzeria

Reviews of Pat's Pizzeria Brookside DE

Jael Gardner

My favorite Pat's restaurant! They give you a great amount of food for an inexpensive price. I also enjoy their rewards program. Excellent customer service as well!

chelsea pyle

The lady I talked on the phone tonight with told me they are not doing delivery so I said that’s fine I was going to pick up anyway. As soon as I said this she immediately hung up the phone! I had to call back 4 times to finally get and answer again and then she changed her opening to no orders at all. I just told her it would’ve been nice to say this in the first place then you hanging up. She claimed it wasn’t her. Overall terrible customer service!!! At least change the hours of operation if you close early!!!

Bill K

Went online to look at their menu to see what I wanted to order and literally had to set up an account just to look at the menu. Not the way to do things if you want people to look at the menu and come eat your food! Have only been there one time long long time ago and I think that's the only time I will go because I'm not going to sit there and have to set up an account just to look at their menu!

ISOBenjamin Delaware

Pat's has great food and the most professional and courtesy staff which is a big plus these days. I will definitely be eating there again. Maybe some great pizza for lunch today.

Hey Brother

I wouldn’t know how it taste because workers closed 1/2 hour early. I literally just wanted 2 cheese slices. At least turn your open sign off or update google so people know not to waste their time/ gas driving here.



40 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE 19713, United States