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The Hickory Reviews Rexburg ID

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Reviews of The Hickory Rexburg ID

Whitnee Saari

What a delicious place to go with your family! We go here with our large groups (with reservation) every time we have an event nearby! It is delicious, has so many options, and gets a recommendation from me everytime I can talk about it! I don't think it's fair to compare this establishment to Texas Roadhouse as so many do, not because I think Texas Roadhouse is bad or irreparable, but this is much much better than that. There is a homegrown, comfortable, happy feeling when you are here! Your waiters make you feel welcome and listened to, they always give amazing recommendations and help to those who need it! They are on top of refilling drinks and serving large groups and small alike! I love getting any of their steaks and they're little potatoes are beyond delicious!!! Always try a new lemonade when you have the chance because they are all good! I wish I could express how quality this restaurant is because it can seem unassuming but I would go here over any other restaurant any day! I would consider this a "fancier" place to eat since they have such quality food, but don't feel the need to come dressed in your Sunday best! Everyone feels like family here and it's a cozy comfortable atmosphere to be a part of! The shockingly good food is just a bonus!

Jeffery Peterson

Excellent BBQ - best we’ve had in Idaho so far. Burnt t ends are sweet and super tasty. Ribs were just the right level of gooey goodness. Pulled chicken was moist and full of smoky flavor. Service was prompt and all the food was piping hot and fresh.

Clark W

Pretty great good, and for reasonable prices. Have had a couple good dates here and can't complain. Had a new waitress last that didn't know whether or not I could do a certain alteration to the menu, but she went and asked another employee for me. Bottom line- Kind service yummy food.

Tracy Soriano

UPDATE: it’s been a year since eating here. My husband and I figured we’d give it another shot. I’m happy to report that they are back in my go to restaurant list. The staff were very sweet. The food was freaking delicious!!! I’m eating as I type this review. For sure I’ll be having a food coma after this. Use to be my go to place, but since it's moved to it's new location service has gone down the drain and the food quality doesn't seem to be the same.

Jessie Reeve

The atmosphere is great. While we were in Rexburg, we ate here on two separate occasions. I got a sirloin steak the first visit and it was superb! Perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The second visit I got the New York steak and it was quite good. Very tender and cooked perfectly, though the seasoning was a little lackluster. Because of the size of our group, we got the same table both times. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to clean their floors each night. I know this because there was spilled soda under my chair on our first visit. The next night when we came back, the same sticky mess was still there. My niece kept getting her sandals stuck to the floor. Our servers were always fantastic.



485 N 2nd E, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States