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Amigo's Mexican Grill Lewisburg Reviews Lewisburg TN

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.4 with 168 reviews about Amigo's Mexican Grill Lewisburg

Reviews of Amigo's Mexican Grill Lewisburg Lewisburg TN

Meredeth Johnston

We have usually had good experiences with ordering out from the Lewisburg location. However tonight the salsa cup was molded. Yes, visibly molded. And then that desiccant packet pictured was inside one of the taco salads. Not inside the box, inside the salad itself. I called the restaurant to let them know and they just said, “oh. Sorry. Thanks for letting us know.”

Hannah Floyd

We ordered twice while helping someone move. We order the chicken fajita meal around $13.00 a piece. I went another night and ordered togo when I got there. When I got home I saw that the order for the same thing was smaller. Disappointed. Good food though.

Francisco Perez

98% of the times is absolutely great food, no place is perfect but this one is the best in the area for Mexican food

Robin Stockman

Loved all the above. Great place to eat drink and be merry.

Eric Anderson

I ordered chile rellenos plate a margarita with an extra shot of tequila for my margarita. The waitress acting like she had limited English communication said ok. Came back with large margarita and a shot glass with tequila in it. I figured they did not add extra to margarita and I accepted it. Go figure. I added it to my margarita could not drink it because it was stupid strong. Got my bill and she charged me for a margarita and a double shot of tequila increased my bill by nearly thirteen dollars. When I questioned it. She spoke very clearly I told you I got you a double shot of tequila and you drank it! I said no I added it to my margarita and it is still on the table. I will never go back there. Wish w got her name to call her out. They are a scam. If not she is.



1197 US-31 ALT, Lewisburg, TN 37091, United States