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Culichi Town Reviews Houston TX

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Reviews of Culichi Town Houston TX


This is a awesome little place. The music was loud and the food was great.

Kristelle Castillo

Great atmosphere to go have a couple of beers and eat some fresh seafood. Good music. Good customer service. Prices are a little pricey but it's worth the experience.

Alis Torres

Amazing came all the way from florida to see this place..

Allison Lopez

The food was pretty tasty but the customer service was not that great. The waiter didn’t checked up on us to see if we needed something else. We had to wait like 10 minutes for them to clean our table so we can eat there.

Bradley Luster

Very interesting take on sushi. Nothing raw. All rolls cooked. Almost exclusively Spanish speaking staff. Great space but a little TOO EXCITED about their speaker setup; band volume was so loud it literally cause ear drum pain.



11901 Aldine Westfield Rd, Houston, TX 77093, United States