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Eunice Reviews Houston TX

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Reviews of Eunice Houston TX


Nice ambience. Our server Nathan was very personable and polite. The food was packed with flavor. Had some typically picky eaters with us who tried (and were surprised to love) the oysters with crab and burrata. The tuna was a smidge salty for my taste but beautifully cooked. Great drinks. We will be back.

Lisa Renaldo

This place is amazing. The food is real cajun food, though they don't call it that exactly. They have a knack for making the stuff that your mom and pop from Louisiana would make. The service and atmosphere are great. It ranges from quiet and finer in the day to a bit louder and younger at night. Most of all though, stuff that other places will do "okay" but that couldn't get quite right like gumbo, they do fantastically. The chef is really nice as are the managers, really welcoming place. Super odd location but it's worth the kind of out of the way spot for this place. They'd have ten times the customers if they moved to a more central hub.

Dondra Phills

Being from Lake Charles my interest and expectations were high. And let me tell you, no disappointments here! I had their signature sidecar cocktail, okra and chicken gumbo, Cajun duck poppers and bread pudding. Best drink, gumbo, appetizer and dessert this side of the TX-LA border. You did Louisiana proud!

Ali Mohammed

Very nice place tucked into a interesting place. Seems to be at the bottom of a large business. The food is mostly seafood and great drinks. Happy hour is between 4-6. I would recommend trying the Vietnamese coffee stout. Very good for dates and slightly fancy eats. Be prepared spend a little bit of money.

Chris “Chris” Lawrence

This is a simple review. This place is a home run. We had each type of oyster and they were absolutely delicious. The duck breast was cooked to perfection. Having a wonderful Christmas with a fall apart, juicy meat. Cocktails were absolutely spot-on and left you wanting another. The only negative was that their service was not as perfect as everything else. But this time I will note it as an exception because the place was insanely busy. I certainly understand that sometimes service is difficult when crowds come at once.



3737 Buffalo Speedway Suite 100, Houston, TX 77098, United States