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Garcia's Mexican Restaurant Reviews Torrington WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.8 with 167 reviews about Garcia's Mexican Restaurant

Reviews of Garcia's Mexican Restaurant Torrington WY

Ken Garner

Excellent food and friendly service. Family owned. They have been in business quite a while and have everything figured out. I'm a frequent customer.

Greg Malcom

Recently moved to Torrington and was able to eat at Garcia's for the first time today. Food was amazing and the service was excellent. I'll be back soon.

Ashlee J

Terrible food and terrible customer service. The chips were soggy and the food was so bland, no flavor. I did not eat my food (nor complain about it) and a woman (manager? Owner?) came out aggressively tell me that this is “real Mexican food” and I have to pay for the food because I ordered it. I never asked to not pay for it, nor did I ask to speak to anyone about the food. The waitress was even embarrassed by her bosses behavior. She apologized and said her boss “was stupid” and she wasn’t going to charge for the food I didn’t touch or take home. I never write reviews and would have blown it off and just not gone back, but I was appalled by the way I was treated by the owner/manager. Save money and go elsewhere.

Doak Campbell

Food is good, not great. Rice tastes like too much onion seasoning or onion and beans are a bit too salty. Chips and salsa are on point though.

Mary Neese

My sister and I shared a plate of Garcia's nachos. Our server was kind enough to tell us it was big enough to feed us both. It was delicious! Deep fried flour tortillas are the base, not packaged corn tortillas. Good food, great service. Torrington is lucky to have them.



1915 Main St, Torrington, WY 82240, United States