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Grumpy's Pizza Reviews Arab AL

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City: Arab AL

Reviews of Grumpy's Pizza Arab AL

tammy parker

I went with a guest & we were both very pleased with the friendly service. The food was delicious, hot & fresh. There were 2 women both named Tiffany that served us & they were very nice. I will go back & I highly recommend this place to friends & family. Children love the food too so bring the kiddos if you go.

turbojet powered

Went to grumpy's Pizza for dinner one night. Walked in and stood there for about 5 minutes there was no hostess at the front stand and the phone was ringing continuously. Looked back through the kitchen doors and it looked like it was teenager night as far as the employees go. It's nice that they employee teenagers actually think that's great, but it would also be nice if they had a little adult supervision. Can't really rate their food because I never got any service to be able to sit down to try it. Might give them another try in a couple months. Not sure.

Kyle Green

I enjoyed a 10" Grumpy Pie (Calzone) with ground beef, black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and jalapenos for a little extra kick. 3 toppings are included in the normal price but you can add additional ingredients for a small up charge. I liked the crust and asked for a bowl of marinara sauce for dipping. The ratio of bread to ingredients seemed to be missing a little something, I couldn't quite figure out if it was not quite enough cheese or if it was something else that would have made me like it even better. Other people in my group decided that the 10" Grumpy Pie wasn't big enough so they skipped the 14" and went for the gusto and ordered the 16". I don't think either of them finished the whole thing, it was huge! I'll be back and see if I can figure out if the 14" is too much for lunch or if it's too much.

Reba McAnally

I ordered pizza to-go for the first time at Grumpy's yesterday. Somehow my order was mixed up with another customers. When I brought it to their attention they went out of their way to make it right. I am WAY impressed.

Nancy Davis

My husband said this was a good place to eat. It is but.. they need a bigger place the place was crowded. They were very busy waitresses were very nice as well as other staff. Place was clean no social distancing, staff did wear masks disinfect. Cheese bread was ok my and mine husband's dinner was very satisfying garlic bread was fresh but I didn't taste any garlic on it. Need more cheese on entrees and cheese bread. Good variety of foods on menu I liked sewing fruit bowls. The only thing I could think of is if they could add grilled shrimp to menu. A bit too pricy but I would eat there again hope they expand their business.



1054 N Brindlee Mountain Pkwy, Arab, AL 35016, United States