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Harris Burgers Harrisburg PA

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Harris Burgers Description

Harris Burgers in Harrisburg PA falls under the category of Restaurants in Harrisburg PA with a rating of 4.4 by users. Harris Burgers located at 106 E Willow St, Harrisburg, SD 57032, United States. Harris Burgers Geographic Coordinates: longitude — -96.7027971, latitude — 43.4317721.

Harris Burgers operates from . For more information, please call on (605) 767-1900 or visit Harris Burgers Website. If you have ever been to Harris Burgers, share your experience with other users and write a review.

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Reviews of Harris Burgers


We came with a large group 45 minutes before closing. We asked about serving us all. They said absolutely. The food was delicious. There are so many amazing options for sides and sandwiches. They were fast in bringing out our food and it was all done perfectly. One of our sons had a little issue in the bathroom and I asked if I could clean it up for them. The young man said absolutely not. He was so kind about everything. I was so impressed with the service and the kindness of the workers.

Eric Glenn

Not trying to knock this company at all, but as someone who worked as a restaurant/bar manager for years who appreciated this type of honest feedback from customers all I can say is how hard they are dropping the ball every time I try to give them my business. As a small local food establishment which we have few of here in Harrisburg I so badly want this place to thrive because it’s very convenient when you need a quick dining option. The problem that is painfully obvious is their inventory management. Nine out of ten times that I try to order from this place I get told I can’t order what I want because they are out of this or that menu component that’s listed. My experience today was a solid example of this. I called in to ask if they had pretzel buns because several burgers on their menu come on one. Per usual, no, they are “out”. I usually ask if they have their Texas Toothpicks, which again, are on several of their burger options but I have given up even asking because they are seemingly always “out”. So, I switch my order to something easy and get a chicken strip basket. Once I get there and pay, I’m waiting for my order and as I’m sitting there another customer in line tries ordering some fried pickles, and guess what, they’re “out”. Right after this, I see one of their employees come rushing in the door with a bag full of hamburger buns from Fareway. My to-go order comes up and they ask if I want any sauce with it, so I ask for Honey Mustard, and they are “out”. Without knowing the inner workings of their business it’s hard to say whether they are just lazy about inventory, needing to find alternate vendors who can keep them stocked, or if they just need to change their menu to things that they know they can keep on hand. Whatever it may be, I’m sick of it being my problem as the paying customer.

Melissa Lynn

Glad to have this place, wish we had one in Canton. Enjoy the simple atmosphere and food cooked to order. We love supporting small, local businesses and appreciate them being here for us to grab a bite and enjoy ourselves!

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106 E Willow St, Harrisburg, SD 57032, United States