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Lava's Javas & Treats Reviews Harrisburg PA

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.8 with 50 reviews about Lava's Javas & Treats

Reviews of Lava's Javas & Treats Harrisburg PA

Janet Brown

Laval's has the most amazing coffee! Trust me I'm a coffee junkie. This place beats Scooter's and Starbucks by a million times over. Try the peanut butter chocolate blended. You won't be disappointed I promise. Oh hey I forgot to mention the people there. The owner is amazing and so are her helpers. It's nice because they are educated on what the drink tastes like. Tell them what you like for flavors and they can recommend something amazing. The unicorn hot chocolate is pretty good. My girls will not drink the hot chocolate from Scooter's but love it from Lava's. They're so attentive and make sure my girls drinks aren't to hot for them. Thanks for all the hard work 💜.

Christina Berger

Fantastic service - they delivered endlessly to school for us teachers and each and every Saturday my dog looks forward to her pup cup. They love up on Mel like she’s their own. #orderlocal

Martin Family

Staff is very AMAZING had an odd request, and was told "No Problem"

Brynn Pickett

Great service! The best place! I come there all the time; and I always like to reccomend it! Lava’s is forever the best.

Kyle Boese

Lava's Coffee & Cafe in Harrisburg is the perfect, small town, local coffee shop where you can always count on conquering your caffeine cravings. But their offerings don't stop there. There is a huge array of smoothies available for the non-caffeinated consumers in your clan. There are always fresh, homemade and hand baked treats on hand, as well as a nice selection of bagels, muffins and sometimes scones available from other local merchants. The egg souffles are absolutely amazing if you're craving a nice savory breakfast (unfortunately, the COVID related supply chain issues have impacted their availability at present). The owners and employees are super friendly and make each beverage as professional baristas to your exact specifications. Be sure to enjoy your drinks and food in their sitting area, which is super cozy and suitable for visiting, relaxing, watching a movie, or even getting a little work done, using their free wi-fi. You'll even find jigsaw puzzles in progress and board games to help pass the time on a snowy winter's day (or a respite from the summer's heat). Enjoy Lava's, our family sure does!!!



305 West Willow Street, Harrisburg, SD 57032, United States