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Noja Reviews Mobile AL

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.7 with 291 reviews about Noja
City: Mobile AL

Reviews of Noja Mobile AL

Donald Lyndall

Tried several times to get in to this restaurant but struggled to get a reservation to fit my time frame I could go…Now I know why. This place is fabulous and in high demand. Loved this restaurant. Delicious appetizers, salads, and entrees to go with the ambiance of the location. Everything I had was cooked perfectly and had me savoring every morsel on the plate. Definitely a repeat and will plan ahead better to get that reservation again!! Thanks for a wonderful meal and experience! Sorry for no photos but when the food got to the table it looked and smelled so good I didn’t want to waste any time with taking pictures!

Christopher Anglin

The food was just incredible! Probably the best meal I’ve had in Mobile. The atmosphere was perfect! The best part was the service. Alison was so wonderful and the timing of the courses from the kitchen was so perfect I had time to enjoy my appetizer, before my salad came, and my salad before my entree. Alison removed my dirty silver and replaced it with clean ones before my entree. This place is one that focuses on the small details but still sees the big picture clearly. I will be recommending this place to all my regular guests at work and anyone that is traveling through. Ten stars should be an option for this restaurant.

Mike Carter

Very delicious food and fantastic service. Parker was a phenomenal host at the bar. I highly recommend Noja if you're in the Mobile area...or if you decide to drive 3 hours like I did.

Max McGill

Best dinning experience in mobile. It's the little things that make the difference. Complements between the flavors of a course is a plus. It all works together. Great wait staff. Bartender was great. Recommended by us foodies. You won't be disappointed.

Rob P

Dinner was good but the drink was less than desirable for an upper class restaurant. I ordered a Manhattan and the bartender put a cherry that belongs in a Shirley Temple. I asked for a Luxardo Cherry and apparently this resteraunt can’t afford to buy them. They do cost a little more. Go to a classier restaurant down the street like Squid Ink who can afford the right ingredients for a mix drink.



6 N Jackson St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States