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Showplace Cafeteria Reviews Harrisburg PA

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 5 with 3 reviews about Showplace Cafeteria

Reviews of Showplace Cafeteria Harrisburg PA

Justin Ehrman

When you think of a workplace cafeteria, you think of microwave and fried food. Nope, not here. I am an employee, but if you're in the area and are looking for a new place to eat, don't be afraid to try our cafeteria! The food is prepared fresh every day with high-quality products. The bonus is that the prices are very reasonable for what you get! Come for a really good, hot and ready meal!

Leah Wyatt

The food and service is excellent! Highly recommend! All the food is made by Chef lala and her 3 person team! They're so talented!

Laura Dunlap

OUTSTANDING .. Chef prepared fresh breakfast and lunches.. Casual dining at its finest...



1 Enterprise St #2, Harrisburg, SD 57032, United States